Thursday, October 24, 2013

Writer's Workshop- Bad Pet Habits

The Prompts:
1.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: ring.
2.) Your top 5 secrets to a successful marriage!
3.) Talk about an experience where you felt humbled.
4.) Your pets least likable character trait.
5.) Who had the good candy? Share what Halloween was like for you as a child.
I'm a crazy pet person. I have two dogs, Chance (left) and Narnia and two cats, Ruby (pictured) and Onyx (probably hiding in the basement.) I love them. Well, Ruby is a pain, but I love her, too. They are funny and loveable and Narnia is ridiculously protective. She once lunged at the window and hit the wall so hard that she shook my house, because my nephew had come to my office window.
Narnia does have one big drawback though.
She loves poop.
Loves it.
I have to race her to the litterbox. She's such a good helper and tries to help me keep it clean. *gag* We used to have one of those litterboxes with a lid... until she got her head stuck in it and ran around the house with her "hat" on.
She likes pee, too.
And God forbid you throw away a diaper in the garbage can instead of locked away in a Genie. She'll dig it out and eat it. Leaving little scraps of absorbent material behind.
Oh, and garbage.
She eats that, too. We don't have carpeting in our house because of her. We buy a cheap area rug at wal-mart for the livingroom, so we can replace it periodically. Her favorite place to dine is in the livingroom.
Her night time snacking is SOOOOO bad that I have to leash her to the foot of our bed to keep her from midnight snacking.
She's gross, but I love her and if I could go back and do it again, I'd still bring her home from the shelter.
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Jerralea said...

Wow! You are one committed pet-owner!

Amy McMean said...

What can you say when you like something you like something even if its poop sandwiches lol.