Thursday, July 22, 2010

Giveaway at This Little Family

Cheri at This Little Family is hosting an giveaway. I'd never heard of before this, but it's awesome. It's a trendy, reasonably prices plus sized clothing shop. They have a lot of dresses, and while I'm not really into dresses, they are cute enough that I can picture them over my fav jeans. I'm such a fashion statement. I'm excited to spend more time checking out this site. What are you waiting for? Check out the giveaway!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Popsicles and Potato Chips

I went to the Weight Watchers website. Something about Jennifer Hudson being the spokeswomen really inspired me. I don't even listen to her music. I think it's the line in the commercial where she says "I've never been this size in my entire adult life." When I turned 18, I wore an 18. I weighed 180 pounds. By 22, I was into a 22 and by 24, I was wearing a 24. Now I'm 26 and I've kept up the trend... I can't fathom being smaller than an 18. Heck, I can't fathom being a 22 again. My biggest fear with going to Weight Watchers is the stress of trying to plan menus, especially since I've taken to living off banana popsicles and the occasional potato chips this summer. Cooking feels so overwhelming. I don't know how to put meals together. Usually, the Husband won't eat whatever I make ("I don't like it," "I'm not hungry," "That gives me an upset stomach.") so I end up cooking for myself and things aren't designed for just one person. How have people learned how to make "dinners?" My idea of dinner is making a box of mac and cheese and eating that. That's probably 65 points right there.