Thursday, August 8, 2013

Writing Prompts- my concert

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The Prompts:
1.) A lesson you learned.
2.) The first concert you ever attended.
3.) Write a post inspired by the word: brave.
4.) 10 Things Will and Kate will need to survive baby’s first year.
5.) First crush.

My first concert. I remember it so well. I was in 4th grade. It was September 8, 1993 at Pittsburgh's Civic Arena. My mom had bought me tickets to see my favorite singer. I was over the moon. I told my whole class. One of the girls wanted me to put her in a suitcase and smuggle her in. Everyone was so jealous because 9.5 year old me was going to see....


Original Source: CMT

no, no, no. Not THAT Billy Ray Cyrus

THIS Billy Ray Cyrus!


Yes, My mom took me to see the tight blue jean wearing, hip shaking, mullet-sportin', Dolly Parton Romeoing, Achy Breaky Heartin' Billy Ray Cyrus. I was the shit, man. We had really awesome seats too. Level B, right next to the stage. We were so close, in fact, that when my mom suggested we wait inside to let some of the traffic leave, we were directly above BRC when he left the building. I was 15 feet above his head. My mom said to me, "yell for him!" and my dumbass froze! DOH! This remains one of my biggest regrets today, because that would have totally made me the most amazing person in my entire elementary school.

But, as it does, the limelight faded for Billy Ray, but he did give us a great line dance, that probably still happens at weddings in some parts of our great country. It almost makes up for the other "gift" he gave us:

Miley Cyrus

Eh, not so much this Miley Cyrus. Although, I did see her emasculate him for a laugh, by pointing out that she was the family bread winner.

No, Billy Ray Cyrus gave us this little twerking, pants forgettin', bong hittin' gem.

 But, what can we expect from the girl who grew up in the Achy Breaky Heart craze?
Mama’s Losin’ It


Amy McMean said...

Oh man that's a great first concert. I would have thought you were the shit at 9.5 years old.

My brain is currently singing Achy breaky heart......which makes it VERY hard to put a sentence together.....SHUT UP BRAIN!!

Lisa @ The Meaning of Me said...

Oh my word, I cracked up reading this...not that Billy Ray, THIS Billy Ray. Hysterical. I thought he was so cool way back then. Now I have Achey Breaky in my head. Awesome.

Dyanne @ I Want Backsies said...

When you look at that twerking, pants forgetting, bong hitting gem, remember that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree!

Mama Kat said...

I love that you specified, "no not THIS version...this one..." because it really does make a difference! I have no idea how Billy Ray was able to produce a whole concert...didn't he have just the one song? But it was a good one!!

Diane said...

Ha! That cracked me up!! I have to admit, I prefer 2013 Billy Ray ;). My first was Chicago... and oh, they were lovely.