Thursday, August 29, 2013

Writer's Workshop- My mom

Mama Kat's at it again. Stop over here to join in the fun!

Writing Prompts:

1.) Somebody you’d like to hug.
2.) What did not get accomplished this summer that you wish you had time for?
3.) Write a post that incorporates the word: balloon
4.) Something your grandfather told you.
5.) List 7 qualities your mother has that you wish you had too.

My mom is pretty awesome. My husband has joked that he is waiting for me to turn into my mother as is so often threatened of new grooms. He can't wait. He's also said that if anything ever happens to me that he is moving in with my mom or moving her into our house.

The qualities that my mom has that I'd like to have (or that my husband would like to have)

7. My mom and dad never fought. My mom has always said that it wasn't worth it to fight and they could just walk away from each other. My husband and I though, whew, we can clash sometimes. But, we're working on it.

6. It's not a quality, but a talent. My mom is a beautiful crocheter. It amazes me how she can take a pile of yarn and turn it into a gorgeous blanket.

5. She goes above and beyond for people. She's currently crocheting two blankets, both for her church so they can sell tickets on them at the Fall Festival this week. Even before I had kids, my goals for the day were to shower and eat and maybe muddle through work. (Although I do donate a lot of time to my Girl Scouts)

4. She sacrificed her life to take care of my great-grandfather and great aunt. Even though, as a child, I hated it, because it limited what we could do, I understand why she did it when her siblings refused.

3. When she was young, before her crippling arthritis limited her abilities, she cleaned when she got mad. I get mad and go eat a bag of chips.

2. Before the arthritis, she cooked almost every night. I don't remember the last time I actually "cooked" something that required the stove or oven and not just something I could make in the microwave or pizza maker (in defense of the pizza maker, I did use it to bake a full-sized pie for Christmas and it makes great chicken.)

1. She thinks I'm amazing and that I'm good at everything. Need something written? Samantha's great at that. Problem with the computer? Samantha can fix it. Need something filled out? I'll get Samantha to do it, her handwriting is great. She often brags about how smart I am and what a good mother I am and how well I do at work or the things I do with my Girl Scouts. So, even when my self-esteem is circling the drain, my mom get a fish net and scoops it out.


toni d. said...

Your mom sounds amazing!

And I secretly love how mom's brag about their kids (well, mine anyway hehehe) even though it seems like such a little thing, they make a big fuss over it.

Nice post :)

Kat said...

None of the prompts "spoke" to me this week but I'm still trying to visit a few posts. I wish that I could have chosen this prompt but, alas, my mother has very few qualities that I wish to inherit. You are so lucky to have a mom who sounds as wonderful as your does. Please cherish her and remember, every day, how lucky you are.

Dyanne @ I Want Backsies said...

What a nice tribute to your mom! I especially love how she took care of your great-grandfather and great-aunt. A very unselfish act.

Renee' Jenkins said...

You have a truly amazing mother! And you and I have that cooking thing in common, but I think I'm worse. I never wanted an EZ Bake Oven when I was little. What kind of toy is that?! And my poor children learned how to make Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as soon as they were strong enough to open the jars because whenever they told me they were hungry, I'd say, "Go make yourself a PB&J sandwich. I don't think I'll even get an honorable mention on any of their favorite people list.