Monday, July 8, 2013

The creepiest thing

I'm going through the blog I've followed over the years and deleted inactive ones or ones I never really got into. Some of them are really hard to delete, because I enjoyed them, but they aren't there anymore. One of those blogs belonged to Miss Tiff. She was funny and sassy and always gave me a laugh, but she's been gone from the blog world for over 3 years. I went to her blog, maybe just to say goodbye or get a reminder of who she was (after all, it's been 3 years) but it's been turned into a hypertension blog, by some Gary or Jay or something guy. Tiff's posts were gone. So, I went into my reader, because you can still get some deleted posts there and Miss Tiff's last post was 3 years ago. 9 months ago, Blood Pressure guy just started writing, no introduction, no nothing. Now, I figure that it probably is something to do with blog inactivity and deleting blogs and whatever, but it was still kinda creepy. It's like Blood Pressure guy murdered A Bit of Miss Tiff and replaced it with a pod person.


Kat said...

It is pretty odd. I guess when a blog is inactive long enough, they'll let someone else take the URL. I bet that this guy doesn't even know that this blog name had belonged to somebody else.

You're on my reader and I'm glad to have you there :)

Amy McMean said...

I've had two really random blogs pop on my tool. And when I check the name and look for it n my's not there so I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of it. I guess I'll check all the blogs I read and see if it shows up as one of them......but the name is different from any I have. It was just there one day. Weird